Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Village Voice Choice Streets 2nd Annual Food Truck Event

Tonight, I went with some friends to the 2nd Annual Village Voice Choice Streets Food Truck Event at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum.  There were tons of trucks and stands at the event.  

Food I tried: Andy's Italian Ice - lemon ice (too much ice not enough lemon) Big D's Grub - spicy pork taco (fine), Comme Ci Comme Ca - chicken couscous (good), Coolhaus - mint chocolate chip ice cream with snickerdoodle (great), Hibachi Heaven - veggies & rice with soy ginger sauce (eh), Kelvin Natural Slush Co. - tea and peach slush (kind of too healthy, but good), La Bella Torte - chocolate cake shot (delish), Nuchas - portobello, spinach, & mozzarella empanada (ew), Seoul Food - Seoul Fries (fine, but I wish I tried the slider instead).  

Drinks I tried: Shock Top - Belgian White & Shandy (Loved the Belgian White, but did not like the Shandy), Chateau Michelle Wine Estates - Red Diamond (which I drink anyway and love), Barefoot Wine - Red Muscato (gross, not even wine), American Harvest Organic Spirit - lemon vodka (kind of gross).  

Might have overdone it a little, but I feel great.
The Intrepid

Lego Replica of the Intrepid

Cute plane painted to look like a shark

Food trucks from atop the Intrepid

NYC skyline from atop the Intrepid

Plastic glass for sampling

Chicken couscous from Comme Ci Comme Ca

Spicy Pork Taco

Burnt spinach and mozzarella empanada

Chocolate Cake Shot


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