Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nita Nita Brunch

After the Flea Market, we went to Nita Nita for brunch.  Brooklyn seems to be the brunch (along with bedbug) capitol of the world, so I was surprised that didn't have to wait.

Nita Nita has a cute backyard, where you can eat outside on picnic tables, etc.  I got a slight sunburn on my nose, but needed the vitamin D.
Our picnic table... they re-purposed old liquor bottles by using them as water carafes.  Ours was a Jim Beam bottle.
My drink trio: coffee, water, mimosa
Both my husband and father-in-law got Blueberry Vodka Lemonades and loved them.
I got the Baguette Benedict
Nice portions and good salad
My father-in-law got the "hangover," which was French toast, eggs, and bacon.
My husband ordered the skirt steak tostadas.

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