Saturday, May 4, 2013

Seychelles Summer Shoes

I bought myself some adorable Seychelles open toe shoes recently.  The first pair that I bought, I found on Anthropologie.  They call them "Unwrapped Wedges," which from what I can tell are the same as the "Risky Business" wedges available on Zappos.  Anyway, I got them in the coral color and love them! is a real issue for me, because they have beautiful things, and you feel like you're getting a great deal even if you're not actually.  In summer, I wear the heck out of my flat black open toe shoes.  They are perfect for long days of work.  I'm due for a new pair, and saw these Seychelles "Pomona" flats on Gilt.  They haven't arrived yet, but I'm very excited about wearing them to the office.  If I really like them, I might get them in the cobalt or teal colors.

1 comment:

  1. I love the Risky Business wedges and even bought another pair in black. However, buyers beware, the Pomona open toe flats are terrible. I tried to like them, but they don't stay on my feet and I have to strain to keep them on. After just five wears, I'm done with them.