Sunday, May 12, 2013

1742 Wine Bar Groupon and Dessert at Café d'Alsace

Tonight was the last night that we could use our $49 Groupon for 1742 Wine Bar.
Antipasto that was the appetizer for the Groupon menu... not great.
We got three glasses of white and three of glasses of red to sample as part of the Groupon... definitely a lot of wine over the course of a short meal
Not huge pours, but enough to be buzzed at the end of the night 
My hubby's skirt steak was pretty decent 
Same goes for my chicken Milanese and greens
Decor included a wall of wine and paintings of Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, and Isabella Rossellini... it was small, cozy and funky and kind of reminded me of being a college student and hanging out in cafés like La Fourmi (Pigalle) and La Fourmi Ailée (5e arrondissement) in Paris for hours on end.
We got to take home a bottle of wine as part of the deal
As we were in our old neighborhood (Yorkville), we decided to get dessert and coffee at one of our favorite restaurants from the old hood
Café d'Alsace Dessert Menu
My pretty cappuccino art... I heart Café d'Alsace 
My husband ordered a crumble 
I ordered the molten chocolate gateau with pistachio ice cream
And a little glass of port... it was a sweet end to a sweet weekend

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