Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscar Party

We had an Oscar Night Party on Sunday.  Here are some pictures from before guests started to arrive.  We got a bunch of Hollywood-themed supplies from Party City and food and wine from Trader Joe's.

Red carpet leading to apartment door
Spread before hot hors d'oeuvres were added (mac & cheese bites & Tarte d'Alsace from freezer aisle of Trader Joe's)

Charcuterie Plate (salami, prosciutto, & cornichons)

Cheese Board: Grapes, Brie, Chèvre, and Comté
 Board = Ed Wohl Bird's Eye Oval Cutting Board
Knives = Laguiole

Popcorn in cute bags

Bar set up with soda, wine, water, lemon wedges, & ice bowl

Votives on our mantel to highlight the main attraction

It was a fun night, and I thought this was a really good Oscars.

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