Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bagel Breakfast Delivery

This morning I woke up and thought to myself, "We live in New York City, the bagel capital of the world.  I know what I'm doing for breakfast."  It's been a nice relaxing and restorative weekend.  Yesterday, I went to this relaxation method workshop with my friend at her usual yoga studio.  It was a little weird (involved massaging one another by stepping on each other's arms, feet, and legs and pressing different pressure points), but it was actually very relaxing.  Then I went to another friend's housewarming party.  We slept in this morning and ordered bagel sandwiches from Bagel Works on First Avenue.  It took them over an hour to deliver, but that's what you get for being lazy.

Freshly Delivered Breakfast

Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

Turkey bacon, egg, and cheese on a poppy seed bagel... I actually prefer turkey bacon.

Bag of poppy seed and regular bagels for us to throw in our freezer for during the week.
I hope that this is a good productive week at work.  This last week, I was wiped out by two different nights of socializing and then waking up and coming into work not feeling 100%.  I also did not run at all this past week.  This upcoming week, I plan to get plenty of sleep, drink more water, and go running.  Today is going to be a good day to organize the apartment and prepare for the upcoming week.

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