Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bachelor and Booze

My evening has been spent watching last night's episode of the Bachelor, eating homemade pizza, and drinking red wine.  I'm going running tomorrow and have a fun 5k on the horizon, weather permitting.  I also have an Oscar Party to plan that I will keep you updated on.  I really need to clean the heck out of our apartment before the party.

Sean and Desiree discuss her living in a tent in a teepee, meta.  Is the Bachelor just a giant travel brochure full of  beautiful people with Stockholm syndrome?  Lake Louise looked gorgeous in this episode.  You win Bachelor, I want to go there now.

What's left of our homemade pizza.  I ate mine with Frank's hot sauce and spinach.  Today was not a red letter day for  my eating habits... I started with a diner breakfast sandwich (egg and cheese on a roll), moved on to a grilled cheese with tomato sandwich and a wild cherry pepsi, and finished with two slices of this beaut.

Here's what's left of the bottle of red I split with my husband.  It clearly went down smooth.

P.S. No offense Gina Carano from Haywire, but Tierra looks like you hardcore.  Exhibit A:

Scheming Tierra

Gina Carano in Haywire

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