Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yoga at Home

After a weekend of eating those five layer bars, Annie's mac & cheese, Chinese food*, and drinking red wine, I needed a little bit of yoga today.  I bought this adorable ($13) workout top from Target this week and love it!

Champion Ribbed Tank in Fuchsia and Gray - it reminds me of workout wear in the 80s.

My husband's and my yoga mats snuggled together in my bag.  Mine's the pink one ;-)

After 18 minutes of yoga focused on the abs (ow), I skipped to my two favorite poses: Child's Pose

And: Final Resting Pose.  I like to light a candle (vanilla is my favorite scent) to create a more relaxing ambiance when I do yoga at home.
I'm not sure that 20 minutes of yoga can undo a weekend of bag eating and drinking, but at least it's something.

*We ordered from a Szechuan Chinese place (I grew up on Cantonese Chinese food) near us.  My hubby got shredded garlic chicken and veggie lo mein. I got veggie fried rice and sweet and sour chicken.  We both got crispy spring rolls.  It was really tasty and appropriate considering today is the Chinese New Year!

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