Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back from Camping

Back from Camping

We got back from our canoeing and camping trip at the Delaware Water Gap last night. The weather was gorgeous, and we had a great time, but I have to say I'm happy to be back to the luxuries of home (i.e. a shower, toilet, and bed). We have tons of laundry to do, but for now I am focusing on catching up on Real Housewives of New York.

Our little home away from home on the canoe/camping trip.
On the way home from work tonight, I stumbled upon the bakery Maison Kayser. When Iived in Paris for a semester of college, my metro stop was Maubert-Mutualité and the first bakery near my apartment that I went to was Maison Kayser. So when I saw the same logo and style of baguette, I had to go in and buy a baguette and pain au raisin. The baguette went well with the Édel de Cléron that we already had and the pain au raisin went great with a little cup of nespresso. Ah, civilization.

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