Sunday, September 23, 2012

Whole Foods Grand Opening Midtown/Upper East Side

We got a Whole Foods!  This is exciting, because our current  neighborhood options are Food Emporium (lame and expensive), Gristedes (gross and expensive), Fresh Direct (decent and somewhat expensive/involves planning ahead and being home for delivery).  Ideally, we voyage down to the Trader Joe's at Union Square a couple of times a month to get inexpensive and great groceries.  However, sometimes we have to buy food in our neighborhood.  Whole Foods is not cheap, but it's good/a fun shopping experience.  Here's what I bought on my first shopping trip to the new Whole Foods:

In the Beauty Department, I bought a cute sleep mask, some olive oil and chamomile soap, and Luna Bars (Nutz Over Chocolate for 99¢ a pop/the same price as Trader Joe's).

In the Grocery Department, I bought (from left to right) balsamic vinaigrette, croutons, Parmesan flakes, "pearled" couscous, Blue Goodness juice, a huge block of Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese ($9.99), smoked salmon, Annie's organic mac and cheese, and raspberry jam.

My husband likes himself some homeopathic meds and tiger balm; so I knew he would be pretty excited about this aspect of Whole Foods:

Homeopathic Medicine Section - These remind me of France

Tiger Balm Selection

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