Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lazy Weekend

Last Saturday I had to work an event, but this weekend I have nothing but pure laziness stretching out in front of me.  Here are some of my options for this weekend:


  • Read In the Woods by Tana French, which I'm about 8% into on my kindle and loving
  • Watch true crime shows on television
  • Go to the nail salon for a tune-up on my eyebrows 
  • Watch a scary movie with my husband, while drinking chilled Indaba Chardonnay or Early Times whiskey on the rocks (because I'm classy like that).  Doesn't Early Times make it sound like you are going to be knocking back whiskey first thing in the morning?  Their tagline should be "Early Times - for those mornings when you need a drink."  It's not as good as my other cheap whiskey brand of choice, Evan Williams.  Next bottle I buy will be at least somewhat respectable maybe even a smooth bourbon.


  • Do laundry
  • Prep the apartment for a house guest who's coming later this week
  • Iron/steam clothes
  • Organize closet that is currently full of random debris from our camping trip (I'm debating over washing or throwing out the Keds® that I wore on our canoe trip and need to swap out my summer clothes for my cold weather clothes)
  • Go to the nail salon and get a mani-pedi 
  • Watch the season premiere of Revenge (I love stories of vengeance and pretty clothes)
  • Watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion

I already busted out my cold weather boots.  Both my black and my brown pair are from J.Crew and I wear them all fall and winter long.  It's pretty disgusting really, but I love them.  They were both around $200 each and from 2008 and 2009 (I must have been feeling flush those years, which is funny because I was still a student and did not have a job).  As far as bang for buck, the J.Crew flat boots are totally worth it.  I wore the brown pair the other day, and a little girl on the subway who was wearing purple rain boots covered in colorful little hearts said, "When I grow up, I want to have boots like yours" to me.  It melted my heart and made my day.

Brewster Tall Boots from 2008 in Brown
They're slip on, and the buckles jingle when you walk.

Brewster Tall Boots from 2009 in Black
They have a zipper on the side.

My husband and I discovered Jerry Seinfeld's new web series Comedians in Cars  Getting Coffee last night and stayed up until 2 a.m. watching the entire season.  It's Jerry Seinfeld bringing out one of his many beautiful cars, picking up fellow comedians/friends, and going to get coffee and riff.  It's clever and funny as hell.  The episode with Joel Hodgson ( the creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000 ) made me laugh so hard I cried:

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