Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pó Restaurant on Cornelia Street

I went to Pó for the second time the other night and it was delightful.
White Bean Bruschetta - they give this to you automatically, but we ordered a second round for the table.
I have some cannellini beans in our cupboard and a sliced up baguette in our freezer and plan to try a version of this recipe.  Did you know that white beans and cannellini beans are the same thing?

Bread and oil - simple
I had an amazing plate of pappardelle with duck ragu.
Ducks are so cute and I feel a little guilty, but this was the best pappardelle I've ever eaten.  I had pappardelle at Babbo that was good, but what I like about Pó (formally a Mario Batali restaurant) is that it's not over-hyped and it's very intimate/you don't feel like people just come here to see and be seen.  It's simple and amazing Italian food in a quaint setting.

Spinach tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce
For our "contorni" we had a pumpkin fregula.  AWESOME.
This place makes me want to go home and replicate all of their dishes.  Fregula is a tiny Israeli couscous-type pasta that is so yummy and has an interesting texture.
My husband is obsessed with the affogato for dessert.  It's coffee gelato, cappuccino, and caramel sauce.  Sounds like pure decadence.
I had a piece of warm apple tart.  Apple tart or a lava chocolate cake is my go-to restaurant dessert.
I cannot recommend Pó highly enough — amazing food and great service in a cute setting.

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