Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Little NYC Kitchen and New Spice Rack

Here's our little NYC kitchen.  It's little and we have to use every nook and cranny to store things.  You can see that we put baking pans and sheets above the cabinets.  The walls are scratched up and the not so pretty linoleum floor has holes in it, but it's a functional little kitchen in a rental apartment and we like it.

Out little NYC kitchen.
The Magic Molly Potatoes that we bought at the Union Square Farmers Market
The name Molly has a special significance for me and I love potatoes.
 My husband loves buying random spices and one of our cabinets was overflowing with them. To make more space and to make the spices more easily accessible and viewable, we bought a shelf at Urban Outfitters to use as a spice rack.
Urban Outfitters Triple Decker Shelf in bronze - we purchased it for $44 in store, but it is currently $34 online.  Son of a B.

Not all of our spices in the spice rack, but this makes a lot more room in our cabinets.
 If you like spices the way my husband does you should go to Kalustyan's at Lexington Avenue and 29th Street, which I previously mentioned here.
I saw the pumpkin on the left from a distance at the Union Square Farmers Market and had to have it.  I love fall!

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