Sunday, October 20, 2013

Num Pang Bahn Mi

When my husband's mom visited last week, we took her to one of our all-time favorite places: Num Pang on 12th near Union Square.  This  Cambodian sandwich shop serves the best bahn mi I have ever eaten (I have tried their shop near Grand Central and it is not as good/authentic).
I nearly always get the skirt steak bahn mi.  Nothing compares.

Occasionally, I'll get the cauliflower, which is also delicious.  The skirt steak sandwich consists of skirt steak, shredded carrots, cucumber, cilantro, and spicy mayo on yummy toasted baguette.  
So flipping good.
We also got the grilled corn on the cob, which is nicely charred and served with spicy mayo, shredded coconut, and a lime wedge for zest.  I found a recipe on
This is how much I love Num Pang!
They have a cute Mylen spiral staircase.
Sriracha is on the counters upstairs and my husband douses his food with it.  He'll put Sriracha on pretty much anything.  

For our two year anniversary, I got my husband this Sriracha t-shirt from Urban Outfitters.
And my husband bought me these precious owl mugs from Anthropologie.
Both of our gifts fit with the two year anniversary rules.  Traditionally, you give each other something cotton (the t-shirt), but the modern rule is something ceramic (the mugs).  I feel very blessed to have been married for two years to the sweetest man on earth.

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