Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hollywood Game Night vs. Watch What Happens Live

I saw Hollywood Game Night for the first time tonight and was not charmed by Jane Lynch's humorless, stilted banter.  Hollywood Game Night is a subpar knockoff of Watch What Happens Live.
Hollywood Game Night has a bar, but contestants don't seem to be relaxed and uncensored the way they are on WWHL.
Watch What Happens Live frequently has guests get tipsy and a little inappropriate in a good way (e.g.: Ethan Hawke talking about making out with Angelina Jolie).  There is always a guest bartender who is sometimes more interesting than the guest.
Note beverage here on Hollywood Game Night.
WWHL has in-depth interviews with (for the most part - excluding Ray J and Vinny Guadangnino—yuck) interesting celebrities like Tina Fey (note beverages).
Andy Cohen plays creative and quirky games with guests as part of Game Time! that are both entertaining and scandalous, whereas CGN's games are stilted and boring.
I truly believe some of the best off-the-cuff interviews with celebrities are on Watch What Happens Live, and Hollywood Game Night is a really poorly executed imitation.

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