Tuesday, June 11, 2013

West Elm Raw Edge Coffee Table

For the last two years, I have had an ugly Target cocktail trunk that never looked good and was impossible to assemble correctly.  The sides come apart from the front and back, and it is really poor quality.  West Elm had a really cute coffee table on sale for $299 this week; in an effort to be more adult, I purchased it.

Here's how the cocktail trunk looks in Target Imaginary Land.
Here's the cocktail trunk in my very real apartment... literally falling apart.
One of the many places the trunk is coming apart.  Thank you cheap mass production for this gem!
The West Elm Raw Edge Coffee Table in West Elm Fantasy World.
The reality of the West Elm Raw Edge Coffee Table assembled in our apartment with a cat on it.  I love it!!  It's much better quality, real wood, and made in India.  I also like that there is negative space underneath it. 
Now I just have to throw out this piece of junk cocktail trunk from Target and celebrate having a legitimate, grown up coffee table.

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