Sunday, June 16, 2013

Owl Collection

Today, I was going through photos from over three years ago, when I was unmarried without cats living in a studio apartment in Yorkville, and I stumbled upon some photos of my prized owl figurine collection... this was something that I displayed on my window ledge B.C. (before cats) along with a little potted herb garden.  If I tried this now, the figurines - many of them porcelain - would be strewn everywhere and the herbs and flowers would be eaten and knocked over, leading to me calling ASPCA's poison control hotline.  

Owls in old apartment
I have never bought myself an owl figurine.  Everyone in my life knows that I love owls and gives them to me.  It turns out that my husband's German grandfather also had an owl figurine collection, and I have inherited it and integrated it into my own collection.  Some are also from a French flea market, where my husband bought a vendor's entire stock for me... too cute!

Owl Collection in Yorkville Apartment
Polish Owl & Bouquet
Herbs and Owls
Owls in Entryway of Studio
I had this cute little entryway to my studio apartment, and I put a few owls on the bookshelf there and hung the framed Albrecht Durer print called "The Little Owl" that my mom gave me as a gift; so that it was the first thing to greet me when I got home.  I love that this Renaissance period German painter was as charmed as I am by a cute little owl.  For now, my many little owl figurines are tucked away safely in a closet, but one day when I have a cat-free room, they will be back on display.

The Little Owl - Albrecht Durer

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