Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stecchino Living Social Brunch

Our Living Social voucher for brunch and unlimited mimosas and/or Bloody Mary's at Stecchino was due to expire this week, so we went today for brunch.  I had two mimosas - they were huge and made me tipsy.  My husband's Virgin Bloody Mary was nice and spicy.

Our brunch
My chicken Caesar salad, which was standard but good
The remains of my husband's steak and eggs

I got a side of rosemary fries, even though it was not part of the Living Social deal... there is something rebellious about ordering a salad with French fries.  They were quite good.
It was extremely loud and crowded, but the unlimited drink deal is really good if you are a fast drinker with a high tolerance.  I really liked my salad and fries.  The burgers look a little sketchy - like they might make you violently ill.  We had a nice time!

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