Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Philadelphia Weekend

Philadelphia Weekend

This past weekend, my husband and I met up with my parents in Philadelphia to see the Barnes Foundation.  We stayed at the Independent Hotel, a small "boutique" hotel.  It was cute and affordable, but I hurt my leg on the over-sized bed that barely fit in our room.  Still have the bruise.

The Independent Hotel, Philadelphia
We ate at a few Stephen Starr restaurants in Philadelphia, including Parc on Rittenhouse Square, Il Pittore, and Route 6 (which is where these photos are from):

I ordered a Cottrell Old Yankee Ale

Crab Cake with Delicious Cole Slaw - My husband had the best dish, which was diver scallops with little calamari/squid

Nothing wrong with a bucket of mallets, lobster bibs, and various shellfish-eating accoutrements.

My dad got lobster, yum.

Caramel Ice Cream with Fox or Squirrel Wafer Cookie at Parc on Rittenhouse Square

In keeping with the seafood theme, my mom bought me an adorable octopus scratch pad from Paper Source.  Side note: I still haven't gone to the store in SoHo.

It was a wonderful weekend, and the new Barnes Foundation building is incredible.  Could Barnes have had just a few more Renoirs or Matisses?  Our cats were so happy, when we got home.  Here's a photo of our little -or not so little- tabby on our Pottery Barn "Mia" bedding.

I recently donated to WNYC and have been looking forward to my complimentary tote bag.  It arrived while we were away; and the minute I took it out, our gray and white cat become obsessed/possessive of it:

I love national public radio!

Don't steal my tote, mom!

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