Thursday, May 1, 2014

Checking In on May Day

April is done, and I wanted to give you some snippets from my second half of the month.  I saw this adorable house on a walk the other day:

This little house in the East 70s is covered in squirrels - note the squirrel border
Two squirrels sit on either side of the door eating nuts
We ate at Panera the other day before going to the Museum of the Moving Image in LIC, and I loved it.  Could possibly eat this meal everyday:

French Onion Bread Bowl and Chicken Caesar Salad
I recently had a cozy night at home with sushi, wine, my cats, and the OWN channel:

Alaskan and Shrimp Tempura Rolls
My husband took me out to Shake Shack last night, where we had 'Shroom Burgers:

The 'Shroom Burger was good/had a ton of cheese, which made it better.

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