Sunday, November 9, 2014

Part 4: October 2014 Berlin Trip - Sanssouci in Potsdam

One of the days we were in Berlin, we took a regional train down to Potsdam to visit Sanssouci Park.  We got lost a little, it was raining, but it was totally worth it to see the gorgeous park and schloss mecca.
Chinese Pavilion - if you want to know what chinoiserie is; then you should check out this folly.
Pretty flower garden in the park.
Schloss Sanssouci - Rococo, anyone?
The Tent Room in Schloss Charlottenhof designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel - this room is the main reason I came to visit.  It's a gorgeous little interior that was designed with the 19th century naturalist Alexander von Humboldt in mind.  Humboldt would visit Charlottenhof frequently; this would be the guest room he would stay in, and Schinkel wanted to remind him of being out in nature in a tent on a collecting expedition.  I just love when interiors are this thoughtful and whimsical.
If you like art history (especially design history) and you're in Berlin, you must go down to Potsdam.

We had a wonderful trip in Berlin, and I'm so happy the wall fell 25 years ago, making Berlin the hip, diverse, bike-loving place it is today.

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