Sunday, November 9, 2014

Part 1: October 2014 Berlin Trip - Mokkabar: A Frühstück Love Affair

We were staying in the Kreuzberg neighborhood of Berlin, which is a young, hip place to live.  If Germany has hipsters, they live here.  It was my favorite place in Berlin with a lot of diversity, culture, and affordable cuisine.  One of the highlights of the neighborhood, was the café Mokkabar on Gneisenaustrasse (strasse means street).  They had the most amazing and affordable breakfast (frühstück) ever:
MILCHKAFFEE mit doppeltem Espresso Schale - BEST COFFEE EVER.
Yummy omelets
My vegetable omelet with salad - salads in Berlin were amazing.
On another day, I had the käse (cheese) breakfast... yum.
My husband got the ham platter.
All served with a bread basket (brotkorb)
Can't wait to go back and eat frühstück in Germany again one day!

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