Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Blue Apron Delivery

It seems like everyone I know is doing Blue Apron—a dinner kit delivery service that sends you recipes and pre-portioned ingredients.  We are doing the two person/three meals per week vegetarian option for $59.94.  The first delivery came tonight:

Blue Apron Box
The box was packed with ice packs, and the ingredients were still fresh.
All the ingredients portioned and ready to cook.
I'm really excited to use new ingredients and find out if I like them. 
Bulgar, curry leaves, and mong dal are new to my cooking vocabulary.
The recipe cards walk you through the entire recipe step by step.
This week's menu is Stuffed Cabbage with Bulgar & Sweet-and-Sour Tomato Sauce, Fresh Turnip Green Cacio e Pepe Pasta with Baby Hakurei Turnips & Pear Salad, and Bangaladumpa Upma Koora.  I think this could be a good way to get more veggies into our diet and do some portion control.  I'll let you know how the recipes turn out. 

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