Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites: A Review

Our neighborhood is not hip.  There are not any cute little gastropubs serving craft beers to hip people hanging out and enjoying good conversation.  Or at least there "weren't" until we got The Jeffrey on 60th Street near the Queensboro Bridge.
Liquor selection on wall behind the bar
We popped in the other night to have a drink after work and both loved it.  It's one part adorable copper-topped bar, one part restaurant, one part beer garden, and one part coffee bar.  The staff was enthusiastic, charming, and knowledgeable.  Now that I've had the bar happy hour experience, I want to come and try their coffee bar some morning.  They said they are starting brunch soon too.
We tried the Sixpoint Stout, which was part of their Happy Hour selection.
We also had warm soft pretzels with pub cheese and mustard.
The Jeffrey is a great haven for our neighborhood, and it is just hipster enough that you feel cool, but not so hipster that you feel out of place. 

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