Saturday, November 2, 2013

Going to Bed and Waking Up to Cats

Sometimes when I go to bed, my side has been completely taken over by our cats.

I've been replaced.
In the morning before work, I usually throw my outfit options on my side of the bed and often come back from the shower to find one of our cats lying on my clothes.  This time it's our gray and white.

Hmm, which outfit should you wear today?  I chose the dress on the left (Ann Taylor hand-me-down from a colleague).
If not for sits, why made of warm?  This cat loves sitting on my clothes, especially warm materials like this wool j.crew pencil skirt, anything corduroy, and my puffy NorthFace jacket.
Now that it's cold out, I often wake up to this little guy, our tabby, sleeping on my feet.  This was from this morning.
Look at his little tail and his bunny-like paws.  I love these cats more than words.

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