Wednesday, November 28, 2012

French Thanksgiving

We just got back from the South of France, where we spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my husband's family.  They sweetly wanted to do a real Thanksgiving for us Americans, and his dad insisted on making a turkey, stuffing, and yams.  My husband had to hunt for the closest thing he could find to a pumpkin to make a pie.  He ended up finding a potimarron  aka red kuri squash.  The pie was more yellow than orange with a mellower taste than pumpkin pie... it was very good and gourmet.  A restaurant could serve a chic version of it on a seasonal tasting menu.  I contributed some wine that came highly recommended by Carrefour (a French store that is similar to Costco).

Turkey and Stuffing

Potimarron or Red Kuri Squash Pie

My slice of potimarron pie

Bourgogne Passe-Tout-Grain

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