Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Night Lenten Dinner

Growing up Catholic, McDonald's filet-o-fish was a Lenten staple.  I still try not to eat meat on Fridays in Lent, and on a gloomy night like tonight it was an easy and nostalgic dinner.

McDonald's dinner - the chocolate milkshake hit the spot and even had a cherry on top.
Filet-o-Fish and Small French Fries
Once or twice a year, this is the best meal ever.
I really like Lent.  Most years I struggle to give something up; swearing has never succeeded.  One year, I successfully gave up looking at and that worked well.  I still rarely look at gossip blogs.  Ever since Gawker posted this horrible "tongue-in-cheek" blog post about a poor dolphin who died in the Gowanus Canal, I have boycotted Gawker.  I don't have time for people who are borderline sociopathic, insensitive toward animals, and not funny.  

This year, I gave up giving up not going to church.  I've gone to church (not always Catholic) for the past four Sundays.  It's a good meditation, and not as difficult now that the pope isn't a complete idiot.  The Catholic church seems to be getting a bit more open-minded, but still has a long way to go (women priests, acceptance of gay marriage, married priests, birth control, pre-marital sex, etc.). 

Sorry to go on a Catholic rant.  Bottom line: I like Lent. 

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