Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Wrap Up

We just got home from Christmas in Illinois.  It was such a good time, and I made out like a bandit with presents.  I am so glad to be home though.  Here are some of my presents:

The squirrel tape dispenser came into fruition and is adorable.  Our cat provides a nice perspective on its size.

Anthropologie Squirrel Tape Dispenser

Paw Perspective

Catzilla next to tape dispenser

These Anthropologie hedgehog measuring cups were a welcome surprise.  I don't think that I'll use them for everyday cooking and baking.  I might use them to bake something super fancy though.

Anthropologie Hedgehog Measuring Cups

Safe and stowed away in my cabinet
My all-time favorite chocolate candies are milk chocolate vanilla buttercreams.  My mom corrupted me by giving me an entire 1 lb. box.  They are a nice treat that needs to be rationed; otherwise, it could end in disaster.

Fannie May box

Milk Chocolate Vanilla Buttercreams
My parents' house in Illinois gets so dry that I have to slather on lotion and moisturizer.  I loved my mom's Estée Lauder Day Wear; so she gave me a pot for Christmas.

Estée Lauder Day Wear
She also gave me an Anthropologie robe with squirrels all over it.  I think I look like a very cute Rocky in it.

Anthropologie Squirrel Robe
And she gave me this glamorous bracelet from Stella & Dot.  It is so adorable.

Stella & Dot Petra Bracelet

After a wonderful week full of family and a long day of travel, my bed looks so good to me.

Our bed - looking forward to sleeping in it tonight.
If you're wondering about the bedding: the duvet cover is Room Essentials and super cheap from Target.  The little turquoise pillow is a round pintuck pillow from Urban Outfitters.

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