Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Shopping

This weekend was mostly spent Christmas shopping and cleaning.  I found some really good presents.

My husband needed this Anker External Battery Pack so that he can charge his iphone while out and about at work, etc.

I also got him this Bean Yoga Mat Bag in Burgundy that I have in green and love.  It's a little bit roomy, but that's good.  We like to go to yoga together.  Are we yuppies?  Is my husband a metrosexual?  I don't care.

Crazy cat lady that I am, I got our kittens a second cat carrier (the exact same model that they already have) so that they don't have to be squashed  into a little bag together anymore when we take them to the vet.

I also bought them this "slumber thermal cat mat" for cold winter nights.

My mom requested a new gravy boat (hers broke over Thanksgiving); so I got her this Sur  la Table gravy boat.  I also got her something a little blingy as well, but on the off chance she's reading this, I'll tell you about it later.

While at Sur la Table, I got this Kuhn Rikon polka dot paring knife, because it's adorable and extremely useful.  I have one in blue that I use all the time.

I drew my sister in our Christmas drawing and  bought this adorable Wanderlust + Co  Petite Multi-Bar Bracelet that I saw in Lucky Magazine.  I also bought her a gift card for a mani pedi at a really nice nail place in Chicago.  5 stars on Yelp.  I love her.

We hadn't done laundry since being home from France, and there is a new wash and fold near us (finally), so we gave it a try.  It was $37 for all of this and such a luxury not to have to schlep to the gross laundromat near us.  I will definitely be using this new place again.

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