Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gooey Butter Cake

The last time that I baked a Paula Deen's gooey butter cake, it ended in weight gain and depression.  This time I baked one for my office; so the obesity will be spread out amongst me and my colleagues.  

I baked it in a disposable aluminium pan to cut down on hassle. 

Powdered sugar dressed it up.

Covered and ready to go

In other news, I think I have acid reflux and unfortunately I think it has something to do with drinking too much... So I've replaced

This (La Fiera wine - had pretty much an entire bottle of this on Saturday and it was delish)

This (Prilosec OTC - $1Million at Duane Reade)
I've also been drinking some local apple cider (doubt this is good for G.E.R.D) and lighting fall-scented Yankee Candles to get into the spirit of Autumn.

Red Jacket Orchards Apple Cider

Yankee Candle in Apple Cider scent (it came in a two pack with our usual Harvest  candle at Bed Bath and Beyond)

Hope everyone is enjoying their autumn!  

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