Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Tidbits

I saw this poster of Johnny Depp for Sauvage by Dior that is a bit too appropriate considering what he's recently been accused of... wondering if Dior is rethinking him as a model?

I went back to Illinois to visit family, and my parents resodded their lawn and the dog was loving it.
There was some china in the attic that I asked my mom to save for me when I was 11 or so.  I'm now 31... it's quite cute though.  I think once we move into another home, I'll bring it to NYC.

Our friends had a summer BBQ in New Jersey one nice, and they happen to be friends with a pastry chef who brought oodles of tartes.  My favorite was the Saint HonorĂ©.

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  1. Hi, Beany!

    The search terms I have been using such as nature, self improvement and specific music artists keep bringing me back to your blog. I take it as a sign. It seems we have quite a bit in common in spite of the age difference and therefore I have decided to follow you.

    The Johnny Depp - Amber Heard saga continues to make headlines and raise eyebrows but I can't see it doing much damage to either career at this point.

    I love dogs and cats and enjoy your pictures of them. Most of the music acts listed in your profile are favorites of mine and I have posted about them on my blog Shady Dell Music & Memories. If you think you would enjoy hanging out with me and my friends and sampling some of the great sounds of the last 60 years, then I cordially invite you to drop in for a visit. I promise that I will always make you feel welcome.

    Thank you, Beany!