Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Work Loot

Today at work I got to raid our events closet, which is full of liquor and gifts from treat bags at past events.  It was amazing.

My spoils: Tanqueray, Médoc, Diffuser, Georgia O'Keeffe-esque notecards,  Chanel flower pins, Whole Foods slotted spoon, Swiss Army Floral knife,  Cartier holiday cards, cocktail napkins, and two bottles of Sancerre.  Bobby Flay was talking about how much he likes Sancerre on a recent episode of Brunch at Bobby's, and I really wanted to buy a bottle.  Free is even better!

My wine rack is now pretty stocked thanks to leftover work wine and Fresh Direct order.

I'm very excited about this nearly full bottle of Tanqueray and see many a G & T's in my future. Note my Nick and Nora (from Target) Christmas pajama's in the mirror - I swear I'm not taking this bottle to bed with me. It's only Monday after all.

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